Diploma Programme in Health Economics:

The Postgraduate Diploma in Health Economics is a one year programme by courses

Admission Requirements:

The Diploma Programme is designed for graduates in economics or health sciences. The entry requirement is at least an undergraduate degree in economics, health sciences, or equivalent, from university of Khartoum or any other accredited university. Thus, the requirements for Postgraduate Diploma degree are:

  1. 1. Candidates must satisfy the University of Khartoum general regulations and requirements for admission and registration for Higher Diploma Degrees.
  2. 2. Applications are acceptable from:
  3. i. Holders of B.Sc. (General) in Economics and/or other social sciences from the University of Khartoum or from equivalent universities.
  4. ii. Holders of the Bachelor Degree from medical and health sciences.

Structure of the Programme:

 The Postgraduate Diploma programme is taught over one academic year divided into two semesters. Each course is taught over 45 teaching hours. 

The programme covers courses on general economics, economics of health care, medical statistics, community medicine and public health as well as some other relevant courses from management and programming, international relations and health disparities and inequalities. 

The programme also equips the students with the basic scientific research methods and tools as applied to health accompanied with software packages. Overall the programme covers 12 courses: six to be taught over semester one and the rest to be taught over semester two including scientific research methods and a research paper on health issues tackled from economic point of view.

Curriculum: Course Structure


Introduction to Health Economics


International Relations and Health Inequality

Public Health

Health Cost and Finance

Health Care Economics

Health Programming and Management

Introduction to Epidemiology

Applied Medical Statistics

Medical Statistics

Research Methods and Dissertation


Assessment and award of the Diploma Degree:

        Regulations of the College of Graduate Studies apply with regard to pass, fail, supplementary and substitution examinations. Assessment is via a three-hour written examination for all taught courses over the two semesters. The award of the degree is subject to approval by the Faculty of Economic and Social Studies Research Board and finally by approval of the Senate of the University of Khartoum. More than 200 students were graduated from the Centre with the degree of Postgraduate Diploma in Health Economics.

The Objectives of Diploma Programme in Health Economics:

Diploma programme in Health Economics aims to provide students with the basic tools of analysis and theoretical knowledge in the area of economic evaluation and the economics of health care systems as well as related issues.

The programme is appropriate for health care professionals and managers, as well as new graduates, this programme provides an introduction to the central issues in health economics and health policy involved in the management of primary health care.

Diploma programme is one of the basic requirements in order to pursue the postgraduate studies in health economics, particularly M.Sc. The Diploma is required for holders of general B.sc. from economics and holders of the B.sc. Degree from medical and health sciences. Students with Diploma (grade B) are eligible to enroll M.sc. programme in health economics.